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Designing customized learning interventions to increase the performance and bring a positive & lasting change in Individuals & teams.

Bringing People Together through Team Cohesiveness

This Experiential workshop is ideal for existing teams that need to be revitalized.

Individual talent alone won’t make a team successful. Working together as a team helps build a cohesive organization and celebrate victories.

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

To learn the right techniques, strategies & best practices to overcome conflict & work together more efficiently and effectively.

  • What makes a Team?
  • 5 Behaviours Model of a cohesive team
  • Stages of team development
  • Describing different team building models
  • How Persuasive Communication & different communication style helps in team bonding?
  • Provide multiple exercises to allow for self-discovery and frank conversations.
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High Impact Presentation Skills

Presenting your ideas in a structured, clear & concise format is a key skill in getting your message across.

Developing the confidence and capability to deliver great presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and communicate with IMPACT helps you in your self-development & social relations and this program helps you in achieving them all.

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to make three short presentations and will receive feedback on their current presentation style, as well as ideas to enhance their delivery.

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

    • 7 steps to Presenting with Confidence
    • 3 P Approach to Powerful Presentation
    • Managing Nerves & Anxiety in Business presentations
    • The Power of Body Language to create an IMPACT
    • Using your Voice – PICTURE Tool
    • Handle questions & comments effectively

Leading & Managing Change

Coping with change may not always be easy, but it is not impossible to learn.

Change is the new normal for leadership success!

This engaging workshop is ideal for Managers and Leaders who are going through time of organizational Transition and are also required to support or, in some cases, lead the effort.

This workshop will give you the right techniques, tools and structure to overcome resistance and successfully manage change by defining and instilling new attitudes, norms, rituals and behaviors.

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

  • Understanding change and change management – its relevance today
  • Importance of Effective communication during change
  • Discover the link between the Mindset, Skillset & Toolset to managing change
  • Experience & Learn the 5 step process to change management
  • Learn about the 5 Derailers and how to avoid them
  • Addressing Resistance & Negativity
  • Learn to implement the change right – a 4 step Framework.

Corporate Image Management

In this workshop, participants will learn practical tips and best practices of image management to create a positive, professional image that builds credibility and maintains authenticity.

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

    • Create great first impressions – online as well as in person
    • Importance of creating & maintaining a consistent corporate Identity
    • Learn the ABC of Executive Presence
    • Project a positive corporate image through an understanding of the principles of personal grooming
    • Conduct Confidently with people from different cultures
    • Understand Networking & Dining Etiquette

Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving

This course presents a structured approach for tackling problems, opportunities and decisions that will ultimately help you get better results—whether you are innovating, managing crises or planning for the future.

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

  • Methods to problem Identification & Analysis
  • Strategic Thinking -5 Step model
  • Think in the present to progress in the future.
  • 7 step process to responding to organizational problems & opportunities
  • Transform your creativity into practical business solutions

Power UP! - Executive Presence for Women Employees

Improve your chances of Improvement and advancement. 

This Program is going to help you develop as a thought leader, build credibility, establish authentic connections and communicate ideas with IMPACT

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

    • Define ‘ executive presence’ within your particular context
    • Discover the 4 variables of First Impressions
    • Radiate a confident presence in every business situation
    • Learn how your Verbal & Non-verbal communication affect your image as a leader
    • Look & feel Impressive
    • Tips to overcome hesitation to climb the organization ladder
    • Receive expert coaching to clear your personal impediments to a confident presence
    • Embracing purpose driven leadership trait

Employee Engagement & Empowerment

This program encourages the employees to connect and communicate with other employees and management.

Employee Engagement Program is an approach to bring all the employees together, on the same page and motivate to contribute their best for self and Organisational growth. This enhances their commitment towards the goals and values, builds trust, co-operation & cohesiveness.

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

  • Understanding different aspects of Employee Engagement
  • Aligning employee vision and values through different initiatives
  • ‘Going the Extra mile’ & ‘Fire in the Belly’ approach to Encourage  employees for better productivity
  • Developing Interpersonal Skills for Employee cohesion & conflict management
  • To Evaluate and enhance motivation through various practical models & theories of team performance

Captivate Growth Mindset

Mindsets are a powerful thing. They can be deeply ingrained—and difficult to change.

This program helps the employees in expanding their belief boundaries, help them understand how their beliefs and values are influencing their emotions, which in turn are driving their behaviours and actions. 

This program also helps employees to become high performers as they start believing they can keep achieving more.

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

    • Understand how we develop mindsets & expanding belief boundaries.
    • Encourage self to listen to the inner voice to differentiate the Growth Vs Fixed Mindset
    • Debunking the importance of intelligence in personal development
    • Set goals that propel you towards your desired results
    • Practical Tips & techniques to develop a Growth mindset 
    • Appreciate how GROWTH mindset can contribute to self & team development

Achieving Professional Excellence

This Program help participants review and develop the inter-related skills of communication, planning, negotiation and presentation so that they can enhance not only their own effectiveness but also that of their immediate colleagues and teams.

This Practical Programme focusses on ideas and techniques associated with NLP and Emotional Intelligence which helps the participants become effective communicators, negotiators and presenters.  

This Unique Workshop will help participants, 

  • Develop a definite goal focus
  • Priority Management – Managing Self & Others
  • Assertive Communication Style/ Influencing style to achieve positive results
  • Develop a positive mental attitude to manage stress & anxiety
  • Develop a personal action plan to enhance personal effectiveness at work.